Google Analytics

The Google Analytics software allows webmasters to obtain detailed statistics about the performance of their site. Any local business can benefit from using this tool in many ways, including:

Tracking of Revenue: Google Analytics provides you with detailed information about your revenue. It can be used for tracking revenue by keyword, category, and channel, conversion rate, average order and a lot of other important measurements.

Analysis and Optimization of Sales Funnel: This is the simplest way of using Google analytics. Provided the goal is set correctly all stages in the sales funnel can be analyzed and optimized for increasing conversion rate.

Analysis of Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit a page only to leave it immediately. A high bounce rate affects the bottom line of your local business. Knowledge of the bounce can enable you to make improvements to the site and in your marketing methods.

Comparison of Historical Data: Another great feature of Google Analytics is that it allows you compare historical and seasonal trends. This information will help you in understanding customer behavior and shopping habits, thus enabling you to make the right offers at the right time.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools allow webmasters to manage all of the back-end website information and ensure proper indexing of the website in Google, something that will help it achieve the highest possible ranking. Three main benefits of Google Webmaster Tools include: Wealth of information about your website, ranging from crawling of the site by Googlebot to any type of errors; direct submission of XML Sitemap and report on any detected errors; key diagnostics data about your site, including missing titles, duplicate title tags and meta descriptions, and Mobile Crawl errors.

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